Wednesday, November 21, 2007



jaywarrietto said...

first comment!
first comic!
rock on!

Tohoscope said...

Looks sweet! More to come this week!

Huxlhey said...
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B-chan said...

Hell Nurse Katie is a magical nurse girl, given power by Heaven to grant peace and hope to those suffering through Hell on Earth. On the physical plane, she does this by being the charming and lovely co-hostess of the live-action Otaku Hell roadshows produced and directed by Mr. Dan Baker. On the spiritual plane she takes many forms, but her main avatar is that of a cute cartoon "nurse" who can use her magical Love Syringe to "inject" a mixture of Love, Laughter, and Hope into the hopeless.

Thank you for your inquiry.

*Note: Hell Nurse Katie is not a licensed and/or registered medical professional.